I feel like we all have our own little day-dreaming’s along the day, while we do different stuff, these small little thoughts, wishes, dreams, things that we want to happen, that get born from an idea you had. Like this idea of mine, to write my daydreaming’s here, the good ones and the bad ones. Because, when I’m walking around, when I’m eating, when I’m doing all kind of things, I have these small bits I create in my mind, kind of twisting the reality just a bit, improving it 0.000001%, or wishing of something else to happen. Like writing your own scenario in your head, based on what you are living, modeling this way your future with these small bits of dreams you make. Some might never happened, some might happen only partially, and some happen! Life, god, or whoever is running this world, picks your own little post-its and writes them in your destiny. You kind of create your reality, improving it by day-dreaming. Exactly like this idea I just had, to write down my own small bits of day-dreaming, my own way of twisting and modeling my life by dreaming about making my reality better. And I think all of us go through this at some level, we all think how cool it would be if this will happen, or that will happen and so on, kind of forcing ourselves to pursue some of those dreams. Some are science-fiction, they might be to good to be trues, or they can just happen. For example, I’m day dreaming right now about how cool it would be that instead of keeping a blog about day dreaming, to just post this text I wrote here. Because this dream might not be picked by the universe to happen, or It just might. And then thinking how nice would be for people to understand the gesture, so this tiny bit of daydreaming becomes real, and people just read this and get the point that daydreaming.rocks. So we will see!